US Developmental Academy (DA) Placements

For the last 3 years in a row, Lions SC has successfully placed players in the top US Development Academies in Illinois. These players began as 6 and 7 year olds in our club and are now prospects for top Division 1 colleges and the US National Team by being part of the DA.

Unlike other clubs that hoard their talent - long past their ability to serve them, we are first to release our top players if we feel they have outgrown us. It is a true testament to our commitment to player development.

Tournament & League Successes

Out list of tournament and league wins is exhaustive but here are just a few highlights from the past few seasons.


2005/06 boys

USA Cup Champs


2007/08 Boys

Memorial Day Shootout Champs

Amy Clark - I94A1782

2008 Boys

Divisional Champs


2006 Boys

1st Place, Crystal Lake Force Tournament

Joe Abraham - photo-4960123154595840

2008 Boys

1st Place, Crystal Lake Force Tournament


2005/06 Girls

Apple Valley Tournament Champs


2003 Girls

Grove United Tournament Winners

Additional Accomplishments

  • 2013 Divisional champs: U10, U11 and U13 boys

  • 2013 2nd place in division: U11 girls

  • 2014 Summer Heat Challenge 1st Place: U9 boys

  • 2014 2nd place in division: U9 boys

  • 2015 USA Cup 1st place: U9 boys

  • 2016 Divisional champs: U9 boys

  • 2016 2nd place in division: U15 boys