Excellent Coaching Is Our Product

Hours invested per month by our coaching staff into ongoing coaching education


Players who train with us for 3 years or more who made their high school varsity team as freshmen


Coaches with a minimum USSF-D license or higher

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our Approach To Development

As a club we believe that early and developmental players need to have fun playing soccer - first and foremost. If practices and games feel burdensome, boring, and driven primarily by a coach barking orders - demonstrating skills a young player cannot possibly assimilate, the player will not progress. We believe that allowing free play gives the player the opportunity to work on things such as dribbling, ball mastery, passing and shooting - as well as the tactical aspects of the game such as communication and team work.

In free play, players are encouraged to allow their personalities to take over - without restrictions or pressure - but with passion and creativity - things that historically have been lacking in US Soccer.

Our Approach To Winning

When we look at a player, we don't see them for who they are today - but who they can be 3-5 years into our development process. That vision allows us to see past the need to take short cuts just to win games.

Too many clubs invest immense amounts of energy trying to win games. Their trophies are their identity - not just a bi-product of a greater mission. So they graduate great players with poor character - who never make it to the next level. 

Winning games can never - and will never - overtake the goal of creating technically sound, creative, aggressive and competitive players who understand how the real world works.

We use soccer to teach players about life, competition, winning, losing and most of all working hard to achieve what seems like the impossible. 

Our Approach To Training, Discipline & Character Development

We see each player for who they are - an individual who must grow in their own ability to then impact a team's performance. Some players - especially at the U12 and under age groups,  progress at very different rates - and in very different ways than their peers.

Some come to us with genetic advantages - yet others bring high amounts of passion and work ethic. Our goal is to find the "special" things about each player and help them build on those gifts - while developing the fundamental and critical skills every soccer player must have to compete.

We provide this instruction using a balance of love and firmness. Our instruction is also rooted in Biblical principles of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control. Players are taught to display these characteristics both on the field and off. 

Discover Our Proprietary Methodology


We promote serious fun amidst competitiveness. Our players learn the meaning of hard work and perseverance. From how  practices are run to how games are managed, our coaches find every opportunity to instill a never-let-down mentality.

This is a mentality we encourage our players take and apply at home and school as well. 


What makes a player great in the long run?

Answer: It's their attitude toward life and its circumstances.

It's easy to have a good attitude after a win. But we teach players how to handle defeat - and learn from it. We want them to build an attitude of gratitude and positivity for the rest of their lives.


When players display great effort with a positive, gracious attitude, they become excellent people - both on the field and off. 

Our teams pursue excellence in individual skill, team-based attacking and fierce defending. Our coaches are accountable to us for  marked improvements player-by-player.

Understand Our Development Approach

Training Day Focus

We follow simple yet highly effective methods that focus youth players on decision making with the ball. Players will be trained to work in 3 primary situations:

  1. To manipulate the ball around pressure by attacking or escaping
  2. Passing the ball to release pressure or attack
  3. Dribbling/passing to improve overall possession

Game Day Focus

Our focus during games is simply to display the things learned during the week in practice.

It is unfair to expect developing players to play the "complete" soccer game - from a skill and tactics perspective. All they can do on game day is display the skills and tactics they have learned and are working to master.

We expect parents to come to games expecting to see specific skills and tactics improve - rather than expecting a win every time.



Sina Vidic

Over 15 years of coaching experience and holder of a USSF-C coaching license. Sina is also head coach of Harvest Christian Academy's boys varsity team.



Sally Abraham

With over 20 years experience in high-growth operations, Sally runs the club day-to-day including league administration, player management events and parent support.



Joe Abraham

Successful entrepreneur and bestselling author. Joe oversees operations and growth of Lions SC and also serves as operating partner at lifezone360.



Randy Lavaire

Former US Development Academy player



Walter Lopez

Former U20 National Team player for Bolivia.



Freddie King Jr

Former college head coach for mens and woman's soccer