Our Mission Begins With Your Player

We strive to teach our players what to do on the field - as well as off the field. If we, like most, just build great soccer players who fail in life, we fail ourselves. The signature difference of Lions SC is our commitment to partner with you to build the complete person. 

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But Our Mission Doesn't End There

Beyond building champions with character, we go outside our walls to serve those with less than what we have.


Global Mission

Our families and players are actively involved with us in supporting soccer ministries around the world. Our most active project supports OneGoal Foundation in Liberia.

But Our Biggest Mission...Is YOU

It sounds cliche' but it's true. Every new player and family that joins our club becomes our highest priority. Integrating your into the culture of our club and making you feel at home in every way is ultimately what allows us to do all the other things we aspire to do. 

Join Us

We know there are lots of choices for travel soccer in the area. However, once you've seen our facilities, met our staff or engaged with our players & families you'll see what makes us the best in the market.

Contact us to schedule your player to try a couple of training sessions with us.