Differentiator 1: Faith-Centered

Whether you are a family of faith or not, you probably like the idea of having your player taught fundamental truths about honor, respect, integrity and love. It's built into our programming and coaching methodology

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World Class Facilities

Most college teams don't have the quality of training facilities our players have access to.


Human Performance Training

Under the oversight of human performance guru Dr. Stu Hui, our athletes get that unfair advantage to succeed on the field. Our indoor facility also has an in-house Parisi Speed School for additional training

Awesome Culture

Most travel clubs in the area are made up of families that see each other at a game and cast a casual "hi". Our club culture is one where families truly enjoy being with each other. 

From shared rides to family vacations - you'll always find quality people ready to help and have fun with your family. 

Is This What You're Looking For?

If what you've learned and heard about Lions SC has your interested in checking us out further, come to an upcoming training session or tryout. You'll be glad you did!